Paul Robertson Playable Demo

This game prototype was made using artworks of Paul Robertson, in order to show what could be done using his assets.
We hope to continue this project with him, or any other motivated artist if he is not interested in.

For any information, mail
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We're firstly making this because we appreciate Paul Robertson's 2D animation movies.
We love the anytime exageration, the rythm, and the tight link to music.
We were particulary pleased by references to retro-gaming and the feeling of watching an amazing video game being played.

Some time ago, we wondered :
"Those game-looking videos are great, it would be fantastic to have a gamepad and play them !"
Which was just followed by :
"Why not trying something quick and dirty just to see what it could be ?"

We are two experienced video-game programmers so it took us few days to get something running.
Our goal is not create a video-game that exploits that simply exploits those marvelous graphical assets, but more to get a "playable movie".
We got some materials we could find from one of the Paul's web pages and made a first try.
That's a very simple quick and dirty example of what's possible to do.
Many thing would need to be polished like timings, effects, enemy behavior... and graphics were roughly adapted.

But, what we already got is :
- a basic gameplay (distance attack, near attack and special attack)
- many ennemies, easy to kill
- we display sprite animations, with a little set of effects
- blink on ennemy death
- white flashes for hits on boss
- flickering titles
- background overlay during special attack
We already think of few other features that would be easy to add, such as multiplayer, music synchro with player actions... but that's not important yet.

We insist on the goal : making a "Playable Robertson Movie", more than a classic videogame.
Scenarized adventure including retro-gaming references, ad hoc music and strong enphasis on special violent powers.

Finally, we let you know that the technics we used (XNA) to create this demo would make it easy to release some final content on PC & XBox360.

Mathieu & Domenico

PS : We do this on spare time, for fun only !


V0.1 Auto-Extractible game
V0.1 Youtube Video (if demo doesn't works)
V0.1 Video (same as YouTube)

Drop us a mail for any comment !